Technology Acquisitions

What We Do

NYSTEC’s procurement specialists can guide you through the entire acquisition process for new technologies or replacement systems. Our technology acquisition services include:

Procurement Strategy. Determine which vehicle is the right one to procure specific goods or services to help meet your policy and service objectives. Focus areas include:

  • Product Portfolio & Roadmapping.
  • Distinctive Competency Assessment.
  • IT Asset Assessment. · Gaps & Opportunities Assessment.
  • Build/Buy/Partner Analysis.
  • Procurement Option Analysis.

Solution Assessment. Explore possibilities for your technology solution in the current state and in the future state. Focus areas include:

  • Solution Architecture.
  • IT Standards & Benchmarking.
  • Level-of-Effort Analysis.
  •  Market Landscape Assessment.

Solicitations. Tap into our knowledge of procurement requirements, policies, and applicable laws and regulations. Focus areas include:

  • Constituent & Stakeholder Segmentation.
  • Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Solution Requirements.
  • Solicitation Development.

Proposal Evaluation. Assess proposals to determine the best value and the bidder’s ability to successfully perform the required services. Focus areas include:

  • Evaluation Plans.
  • Evaluation Tools.
  • Evaluation Training.
  • Scoring & Non-Scoring Review.
  • Pre-Solicitation Support.
  • Post-Solicitation Support.

Implementation Support. Monitor and assess vendor performance during the implementation process to ensure that client needs are satisfied. Focus areas include:

  • Project Monitoring.
  • Status Reporting.
  • Independent Verification & Validation of Vendor Deliverables.
  • Assistance with User Acceptance Testing.
  • Assessment of Requirements Completion.


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