Ethics and Complaince

Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and compliance are embedded in everything we do: the people we hire, the behaviors we promote and nurture, the ways we interact with our clients and one another, our respect for the laws that govern our business, and the ways we deliver services. As a nonprofit, we prioritize doing good work and the well-being of our employees and the people and agencies we serve. Everyone at NYSTEC is responsible for ethics and compliance.

Our corporate policies and employee handbook are more than paper commitments. We teach the “why” behind the policies, and our employees are empowered and encouraged to ask questions and share their perspectives.

We are small enough to meet with one another regularly and hold ourselves accountable — and large enough to be diverse and serve our clients’ ever-expanding needs.

Our general counsel and corporate compliance manager work closely with our entire leadership and full compliance teams to help educate NYSTECers about laws, regulations, contractual obligations, company policies, and best practices.

Our compliance team includes:

  • General counsel/chief compliance officer.
  • Corporate risk and compliance manager.
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Oversight Team.
  • NYSTEC Incident Response Team (NIRT).
  • Federal Contracting Oversight Team.
  • Leads for:
    • Financial and tax-related compliance.
    • Information security and information technology-related compliance.
    • Facilities, equal employment opportunity, and other civil rights compliance.
    • Contract and subcontractor-related compliance.

Read our Nondiscrimination Policy.




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