Our Approach

Our clients do work that makes a difference. They do work that matters. So do we.

Our purpose is to support our clients in the best way possible to help them be successful. To achieve our purpose, we bring a holistic approach to our client projects. Learn more about our four-phase approach.
The NYSTEC Approach
See It
01 Envision

You know what you need to accomplish and when you need to accomplish it. What is the right path? What is the vision for getting there? How will you measure success? In this first phase, we will help you visualize the end product and how it will deliver on your vision.

Plan It
02 Design

A successful outcome requires the right technology. Do you have the systems and services in place to get there? In this second phase, we will help you evaluate, assess, and develop a plan for the technology needed to meet and even exceed your goals.

Get It
03 Realize

You know what you need. How do you get it? Who do you get it from? In this third phase, we will help you get the answers. As an independent, vendor-neutral partner, we will base our recommendations on what is best for your organization and what will bring about the most success.

Run With It
04 Optimize

Together, we have taken your vision from concept to completion. It is crucial that your finished product runs consistently, correctly, and continuously. In this fourth phase, we will work with you to put the right tools and procedures in place to help you manage your new systems and solutions — and achieve real business outcomes.


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