Organizational Change Management

What We Do

NYSTEC’s organizational change management specialists apply a structured and customizable approach to managing the people side of change. Our organizational change management services include:

Stakeholder Engagement. Identify, assess, collaborate with, and support stakeholders impacted by organizational change. Focus areas include: 

  • Change adoption monitoring. 
  • Strategy and planning.
  • Strategy implementation.

Communication Strategy. Make sure the right information is received by the right people, at the right time, in the right way. Focus areas include: 

  • Management and deployment. 
  • Scoping and planning.
  • Style guidance and template development.


Learning and Development. Ease the transition by amplifying stakeholder competency of new workflows or tools. Focus areas include: 

  • Engaging curriculum creation.
  • Evaluation and analysis. 
  • Live or on-demand delivery.


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