Information Exchange

What We Do

NYSTEC can help you successfully exchange data with multiple organizations or systems to meet business goals. Our information exchange services include:

Data Standard Evaluation. Identify and evaluate appropriate data standards for interoperability. Focus areas include:

  • Criteria and standard evaluation.
  • Data transport identification.
  • Standard identification.
  • Usability evaluation.

Development and Testing Oversight. Confirm that your solution meets requirements, complies with standards and specifications, and retains data integrity. Focus areas include:

  • Business analysis approach.
  • Business governance and information management.
  • Stakeholder engagement.

Feasibility and Gap Analysis. Evaluate options to meet business needs within the defined scope, budget, and timeline. Focus areas include:

  • Environmental analysis.
  • Evaluation of technical options.
  • Feasibility analysis.

Implementation Planning. Make sure your priorities are clear and are reflected in the implementation approach. Focus areas include:

  • Project and communication planning.
  • Scope definition.
  • Stakeholder and deliverable identification.

Implementation Support. Build and guide an approach to facilitate the movement of data from one system to another. Focus areas include:

  • Go-live planning and execution.
  • Maintenance and operations management.

Infrastructure Design. Develop technical and deployment frameworks that effectively meet your organization’s needs. Focus areas include:

  • Data mapping.
  • Phasing plan identification.
  • Technical requirements and specifications.

Requirements Gathering and Documentation. Navigate the wide range of technical and business considerations of your project. Focus areas include:

  • Current-state analysis.
  • Requirements gathering and documentation.
  • Use case definition.


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