Data Strategy & Analysis

What We Do

NYSTEC can advise you on how to manage your data assets to meet your business objectives. Our data strategy and analytics services include:

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence. Understand what your complex data means and use that data to make better business decisions. Focus areas include:  

  • Data Analytics.
  • Use-Case Gathering. 
  • Gap Analysis. 
  • Industry-Trend Analysis. 
  • Analytics Framework Development & Data Analysis. 
  • Data Engineering. 
  • Surveys. 
  • Business Intelligence. 
  • Visualization & Dashboard Development. 

Data Governance. Mitigate risk and improve your ability to manage your organization’s data asset storage, access, and retention. Focus areas include:  

  • Needs Assessment. 
  • Maturity Assessment. 
  • Current-State Assessment. 
  • Data Governance Roadmap. 
  • Policies & Procedures. 
  • Stakeholder Management. 

Data Quality, Evaluation & Improvement. Assess, quantify, and improve your organization’s data quality to enable better informed decisions. Focus areas include:  

  • Data Quality Assessment. 
  • Data Quality Improvement Recommendations & Plan. 
  • Policies & Procedures Assessment. 
  • Data Quality Reporting. 

Data Strategy. Align your data management activities with your business goals and better understand how data can be used across your organization. Focus areas include:

  • Business Strategy.
  • Executive Data Insights.
  • Data Governance
  • Technology Analysis.

Master Data Management (MDM). Make sure your organization’s shared data (master data) is accurate, consistent, organized, and centralized. Focus areas include:

  • Source-System Data Profiling.
  • MDM Vendor Evaluation.
  • Requirements Gathering.
  • Source Data Current-State Assessment.
  • MDM Algorithm.
  • Data Evaluation & Stewardship.
  • Use Case Gathering.
  • System Testing


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