Business Analysis

What We Do

NYSTEC can help you do business better. Our business analysis services include:

Strategy Analysis. Collaborate with stakeholders to identify a business need, define how to address that need, and determine how to implement the resulting strategy. Focus areas include:  

  • Current-state analysis. 
  • Future-state analysis. 
  • Policy analysis. 
  • Project risk analysis. 

Planning and Monitoring. Organize and coordinate efforts to create activity guidelines and to accomplish project tasks. Focus areas include:  

  • Business analysis approach. 
  • Business analysis governance. 
  • Information management. 
  • Stakeholder engagement. 

Elicitation and Collaboration. Gather crucial information from stakeholders in a variety of ways to create project success criteria. Focus areas include:  

  • Artifact analysis. 
  • Process modeling. 
  • Requirements elicitation. 
  • Stakeholder communication and collaboration. 

Requirements Analysis and Solution Design. Structure and organize project requirements, from initial concept through recommended solution. Focus areas include:  

  • Design options and recommendations. 
  • Requirements architecture. 
  • Requirements modeling and specification. 
  • Requirements verification and validation. 

Requirements Life Cycle Management. Keep stakeholder and solution requirements aligned, from project start to finish. Focus areas include:  

  • Requirements management. 
  • Requirements reporting. 
  • Requirements traceability. 

Solution Evaluation. Assess the project solution’s performance and recommend how to get more value from the solution. Focus areas include:  

  • Solution improvement recommendations. 
  • Solution limitation analysis. 
  • Solution performance analysis. 
  • Value and solution analysis. 


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