From Paper to Electronic Health Records

The Challenge

As part of the Health Information Technology Act, the federal government established an incentive program to convert Medicaid providers from paper-based recordkeeping and tracking systems to interconnected electronic systems. Through the $27 billion program, providers qualified for incentive payments if they showed that they were meaningfully using electronic health record (EHR) technology and meeting specific measurement thresholds. The federal government assumed program funding responsibilities, while the states were appointed the massive undertaking of managing the program.

Success Story
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Our Solution

NYSTEC helped plan, govern, and coordinate multiple activities for this multiyear program across New York State. Specifically, we:

  • Defined program strategies.
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to plan and execute the program.
  • Defined business processes and system requirements.
  • Managed the support staff.
  • Conducted payee assessments.
  • Provided outreach and support to healthcare providers enrolled in the program.
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The Result

46,300 Participants Registered

More than 46,300 Participants Registered as of May 2021

The program has already spawned numerous tangible benefits. The coordination of patient care across providers is much more efficient. Information about patients is more accurate, complete, and current. The secure sharing of electronic information has facilitated more effective patient diagnoses while reducing medical errors. The program has lowered costs through decreased paperwork and reduced duplication of testing. Most importantly, the program is yielding better treatment and a healthier population.

How to Hire Us

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