January 8, 2024

Rome consulting firm NYSTEC launches Inspire Fellowship Program

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“Rome consulting firm NYSTEC launches Inspire Fellowship Program”: Excerpt from the Daily Sentinel:

The New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation (NYSTEC) is a non-profit consulting firm with a location on the Griffiss Business and Technology Park. They have launched the Inspire Fellowship Program, which is based in both Rome and the city of Troy in Rensselaer County, and will involve STEM students in local colleges and universities, including Mohawk Valley Community College, according to organization officials.


The Fellowship will connect these students with real-life industry stakeholders in the STEM fields, in order to foster relationships, partnerships and other real-world engagements, officials said.


“This fellowship will transform lives in the area, and I’m thrilled for NYSTEC to have a hand in cultivating a culture of guidance, support and mentorship opportunities,” said Kevin Owens, President and CEO of NYSTEC.

Read the Daily Sentinel full article.

Learn more about NYSTEC.



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