January 20, 2020

Griffiss Growth Leaves Legacy in the Past

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“Griffiss Growth Leaves Legacy in the Past”: Excerpt from Utica Observer-Dispatch:

NYSTEC officially opened a new business headquarters at the corner of Hangar Road and Otis Street intersection in early October. The business—which began with three employees in a brig-like area at the former Air Force base in 1995—calls the second floor of the two-story building home, while the first floor is leased to Booz Allen Hamilton.

The company has said it expects to double its Rome-based employment over the next three years. It employs close to 200 data scientists, network engineers, cybersecurity experts, business transformation consultants and internal service engineers across New York.

“We are proud that our building can serve as a technology hub and an innovative space for engaged regional community leaders,” Nick Alger, NYSTEC director of talent, technology and facilities said in a statement. “This is further evidence of how the Griffiss Business and Technology Park is the center of the Mohawk Valley’s workforce expansion and high-tech ecosystem.”

Read the Observer-Dispatch full article.

Learn more about NYSTEC.



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