February 29, 2024

Full STEAM Ahead for Project Fibonacci’s Women & STEAM Symposium

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“Full STEAM Ahead for Project Fibonacci’s Women & STEAM Symposium”: Excerpt from the Daily Sentinel:


The Project Fibonacci Foundation will host a Women & STEAM Symposium, a one-day event that will take place at the Beeches Manor, 7900 Turin St., on Thursday, March 7.


With a focus on empowering young minds, the symposium will bring together over 125 students from local school districts to explore the intersections of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), the arts, and entrepreneurship for building career pathways.


The event, sponsored by the New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation (NYSTEC), will highlight accomplished women in business, education, medicine, philanthropy, politics, science and technology, offering multiple perspectives on their journeys to success.


“The response from schools, local business owners and leaders in our community has been incredible. There is clearly a need for more women-focused events in our area to help inspire young girls to break the gender barrier that is present in STEM fields today,” said symposium co-organizer Amy Jaworski.

Read the Daily Sentinel full article.

Learn more about NYSTEC.



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