October 3, 2016

Info Security: You’re Doing It Wrong

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This month’s episode: Too Many Toolbars

CUSTOMER: The Internet is too slow.

HELP DESK: Can I see how you have your browser set up?

If your toolbars are taking up most of your browser screen, you’ve got too many toolbars. Really.

Image Source: “Too Many Toolbars” by Abraham Williams. Copyright 2010.  Creative Commons License.

Too Many Toolbars = BAD

Sure, it’s convenient having lots of things in your browser toolbar, and you may like the personalization.  But you’re going to hate how slow all those toolbars make your Internet connection.  And we hate how many of these add-ons can (and do) steal your private data.

(Want to remove those extra toolbars?  Ask your info security team for help.)

So stop with all the toolbars already.  Your system—and your info security team—will thank you.

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