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What you learn in business is largely based on what you ask, what you test, and what you apply.

NYSTEC was originally created to help spur economic development. Today, we are still committed to helping make a positive impact on regional economic growth. We do this by helping develop tomorrow’s innovative business leaders through our IgniteU NY program.

IgniteU helps small businesses grow and scale their operations in market, not in theory. Powered by NYSTEC, this independent program strives to empower entrepreneurs across industries while supporting the region’s startup ecosystem. Since 2015, IgniteU has supported hundreds of local startups in reaching their full potential.

Because IgniteU is non-dilutive, participants keep all equity in their companies while learning a wide range of entrepreneurial skills.

Through an extremely collaborative environment, IgniteU unites innovators and proactively connects them to an entrepreneurial network spanning across New York State. Headquartered in Troy, NY, IgniteU offers various programs to connect startups with their community.

IgniteU Goals

  • Provide direct guidance to founders.
  • Empower entrepreneurs within the community.
  • Cater the curriculum to the needs of our cohort members.Add value to businesses without taking away or diluting equity.
  • Help founders get focused on the best metrics for success.
  • Develop unique business perspectives and drive business results.
  • Increase the startup success rate in the region.
  • Bring together innovators and create collaboration.
  • Strengthen the local innovation network by building and expanding relationships among entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitate the transfer of technology and expertise from government, corporate, and university laboratories.

Accelerator Programs

Through a custom-designed workshop curriculum, one-on-one mentoring, in-market testing, and access to a world-class network, IgniteU pushes startups to the next critical point in the development of their company. Entrepreneurs focus on customer discovery, revenue creation, operational efficiency, business modeling, pitching, marketing, branding, finance, and more.

IgniteU’s experiential programs incorporate aspects of the lean startup methodology and add branded business development, financial management, and leadership development to the innovator’s business toolkit.

• M/WBE Accelerator. This six-week business accelerator program is for minority and/or women-owned business enterprises.
• Summer Accelerator. This eight-week business accelerator program is for operational companies.

At the end of each accelerator program, all participating innovators pitch their products and services before an audience of potential customers, investors, entrepreneurs, and community connectors, competing for the opportunity to win cash and in-kind prizes.

For more information about IgniteU, visit the IgniteU NY website.


Along with helping startups scale their operations, IgniteU NY has a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) to help businesses of all sizes find and pursue government and military contracts at the federal, state, and local levels.

For more information, go to the IgniteU NY PTAC page. IgniteU NY: Innovate. Accelerate. Shape the Future.



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