June 22, 2022

NYSTEC Volunteers at the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY

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Volunteers from NYSTEC helped the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY April 22, 2022, and again on May 7, 2022, by organizing and sorting food and non-food donations. NYSTEC volunteers spent a productive day helping pick up, transport, sort and process the daily haul of food donations received.

The work put in was much needed to help process the large amount of donations. As Community Involvement team member Sarah said, “It was great opportunity for NYSTECers to get together with coworkers for such a great cause!”

The Regional Food Bank has been helping to feed the poor and hungry in our communities since 1982. It is the only organization of its kind in northeastern New York. The Food Bank collects large donations of food from the food industry and distributes it to charitable agencies serving hungry and disadvantaged people in 23 counties.

From Plattsburgh to Newburgh, in urban, rural, and suburban communities, the Food Bank provides over 55 million pounds of food a year to 1,000 agencies. The Food Bank is a member of Feeding America, the national network of food banks.



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